Volver (To Return)

by Mito de Soto



Volver (To Return) is a "Return" culminating the various musical genres from my formative teenage and college years.


released March 20, 2015

All instruments, vocals, percussion and palmas (hand clapping rhythms) by MITO.



all rights reserved


Mito de Soto Santa Fe, New Mexico

Flamenco & Classical Guitarist-Vocalist Mito de Soto, brings a fresh new sound to Flamenco music. Mito employs an amalgam of Classical music, sultry Jazz and the fiery passion of Flamenco for an interesting and eclectic style. Link to his Official Website listed below to purchase any or all of his CD's. ... more

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Track Name: Por Donde Paseas (Siguiriyas)
Letra 1: Hay palabras que nunca se dirán. Palabras sin nombre, palabras que no puedo no quiero decir.

Letra 2: Pero todas, todas, se animan a tu lado; como silencios que se enamoran dentro de una pausa.

Letra 3: Como ventanitas se abren al oír las tuyas; unos ojos de niños que descubren al mundo

Sol y sombra del alma mía,
Sol y Luna de mi porvenir,
Sol y reina de mis sueños.

Letra 4: Y, sin yo verlo, se agarran de mi mano; Un los se que, han encontrado, un sentido por donde paseas.

Verse 1: There are words that will never be said. Words without a name. Words i am unable to say, i will not say :
Verse 2: But all of them, all, Come to life around you; as silences that fall in love within a pause.
Verse 3: Like tiny windows opening to hear yours; like the wide open eyes of a child who discovers the world.
Chorus: Sun and shade of my soul; Sun and Moon of my future, Sun and queen of my dreams.
Verse 4: And without me seeing it, they are taking me by the hand. They have found a little something, a meaning in your footsteps.
Track Name: Volver (Nuevo Flamenco)
Letra 1: Cuando no te veo no hay nada más. No te encuentro mi amor.

Verse 1: When I do not see you there is nothing else. My love, I do not encounter you.
Track Name: Siguiendo (Nuevo)
Letra 1: Prudentes como serpientes y sencillos como palomas. Sencillos como siguiendo Él Espíritu.

Be as wise as a serpent and as sensitive as a dove. Gentle as following
The Spirit.
Track Name: No Vuelve Amar (Andino)
Letra 1: Medí perdido y sin saber que yo moría sin querer. No confiaré en otro ser porque perdí a la que ame.

Letra 2: Sí me enseñaste ha compartir mi vida entera te ofrecí. Tanta ternura te entregué. Solo tu olvido recibí

Letra 3: ¿Por qué el cariño suele cambiar? Sí sabe amar también olvidar. No existe el tiempo para rebosar tu dulce amor, tu dulce mirar.. Quiero olvidar, quiero olvidar. No vuelve a amar

I am measured lost without knowing that I was dying unintentionally. I will not trust in another being, because I lost she whom loves

Yes, you taught me it is necessary to share my life, I offered you completely. So much tenderness I imbued to you. Only your oblivion I received

Why is fondness in the habit of changing? Yes, she knows to love and also to forget. The time does not exist to overflow your sweet love, your sweet to look. I want to forget, I want to forget. She does not return to love.
Track Name: Verano (Nuevo)
Letra 1: Cuando tu estas aquí conmigo mí vivir se vuelve alegre. Paseando tú y yo de la mano. Linda es tú de Santa Fe en verano.

Letra 2: Esperando a ver tu cara pasear de besar tus labios. Las estrellas en el cielo se reflexan en tu pelo.

Final: Verano, juntos, amor

Verse 1: When you are here with me my life returns happy passing though, you and me hand in hand. Beautiful are you, Santa Fe in summer. Verse 2: Waiting to see your face. To pass, to kiss your lips. The stars in the heaven reflect in your hair.
Ending: Summer, together, to love.
Track Name: Pozo Del Deseo (Balada)
Letra 1: OH, viento del desierto que lleva contigo. Dulce llamar con momento, ay…

Letra 2: El mar dentro de mi alma. La verdad dentro de mar nubes que navegan como barco.

Coro: ¿Quien esta conmigo? Es una fantasma de mis emociones? Al fondo de sed tan de pozo del deseo.

Letra 3: Je suis le Loup… qui cherche la lune. Le Loup… qui cherche les étoiles. Dans le rire de vos yeux.

Letra 4: Cuanto me allá caído Y no tema mío esencia. Algo de ti mordida, ah… No, no, no…

Verse 1: Oh wind of the desert, how it goes with you. Sweet, the call of the moment, sigh.
Verse 2: The sea is inside my soul. The truth is inside the sea as clouds that navigate the ship.
Chorus: Who is this with me? Is it a apparition of my emotions? To the depths of thirst is my well of desire.
Verse 3: I am the wolf who looks for the moon. The Wolf, which looks for the stars in the laughter of your eyes.
Verse 4: All of me has fallen there Do not be afraid of my essence. A little of you, bitten, ah… No, no, no…
Track Name: No Vuelve Amar (Reprisa)
(See Track Number 7 - Andino)